Selling Your home on the Austin Market

Tips for selling your home on the Austin market

So you’re leaving town or trading up and it’s time to put your home on the market. People may say Austin is a “seller’s market,” but that doesn’t mean you won’t make some missteps on your path towards selling your home in Austin. By enlisting the help of a skilled realtor, you can make sure you’re doing everything to get your house sold quickly and at the best price. A skilled expert will tell you…

Start with the basics

The first things potential buyers look at when purchasing a new home is the kitchen and the bathroom. So if you’re going to put money anywhere, put it there. If you remodel your kitchen or spruce up your bathroom before putting it on the market, you are likely to get more offers. Fixing them up could be as easy as re-painting. It costs less than 1% and can boost your home’s value by 10%. Ask your realty expert for their opinions on updates you can do to your kitchen and bathroom.

Remember: it’s not your home anymore

If you’re going to sell this property, you need to visualize it as the buyer’s home, or how else will they? Your expert realtor will tell you to remove all personal items before showing—now is as good a time as any to wrap and pack your family photos, vacation trinkets, and personal mementos. It will cut down the clutter in the home, making it easier for potential buyers to picture their own lives in the house. You’re going to be leaving soon anyways; de-clutter and throw out or donate anything you won’t be taking with you. Re-arrange your cabinets and drawers and only keep the daily essentials. Also make sure the place is perfectly clean before anyone steps through that door. If it were your home, a dust bunny here and there wouldn’t be a big deal. But this needs to be a model for a buyer’s ideal life. Clean the windows, vacuum, send the pets to daycare, and light some warming candles. Before a potential buyer enters the house, check every room with your realty expert—a second pair of eyes never hurts.

Sweat the small things

Are there scratch marks on the door from when Fido wants to go outside? Is the powder room faucet a little leaky? Is the grout in the bathroom pink and brown? These are the little details you need to take care of now. Sand down those dog scratches and re-paint the door. Fix the leaky faucet finally and use some bleach and elbow grease on that grimy grout. Every inch of the house is going to be scrutinized by buyers and you’ll be amazed at the things they can point out without you even noticing. Have your realtor scrutinize every inch of your rooms. They will note any minor thing that can be fixed so you can check them all off your list before you even let one potential seller through that door. People in Austin are spending a lot of money on homes, so they want to get their money’s worth. With the help of a skilled, professional realtor you’ll come out winning in this “seller’s market.”